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Scotiabank Small Business Banking

Small Business Banking

Garry Donnelly
Account Manager, Small Business
23556 Woodbine Avenue
Keswick, Ontario
L4P 0E2

Direct: (905)476-4150
Fax: (905)476-4567

Garry is permanently on-site at the Keswick Scotiabank location specializing in small business banking.

Promote your Small Business Online

These days most people use the Internet to research their purchases and to find the companies to supply them. There are lots of places where you can advertise your small business either for free or for a nominal cost. Here are a few sites that we suggest you start with.

Visit website

This is one of the best places to advertise your small business, but it can get costly depending on what kind of plan you decide to go with. However, you can list your small business on their website for free. It's just a basic listing, but at least this is a good place to get started.

Click here for Free Listing

Visit Google Maps website

Another great place to advertise your small business is through Google Maps. This is more important for Retail Storefronts because it allows customers to easily find your shop. You can list your small business on their website for free.

Click here to setup a Free Listing

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